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October 1, 2001
Main ideas:
chapter 1:
Reproduction of images has changed the visual arts forever: images are now like language; they surround us and are free and malleable

"what we are not saying" p. 30

chapter 3:
* remember this was written in 1972, and things have changed
surveyor & surveyed
"men act and women appear" 47
Nudes: classical, modern, modernist, postmodern

PBS page on Olympia smaller Olympia    
chapter 5:
The medium is the message: "The special qualities of oil painting lent themselves to a special system of conventions for representing the visible. The sum total of these conventions is the way of seeing invented by oil painting." (108)
Ways of Seeing images shockwave Ways of Seeing
I see.  
Ways of Seeing Spring 01 Seeing & Writing online