MIDI and Audio Programming in MAX/MSP- MS-341



This schedule is subject to change depending on the interests and pace of the class, etc.

Week 1: The Max Engine

MAX Tutorials: 1-11

Max data types: messages, bang, int, float, list
Max objects: names and arguments, message order, Left Inlet Triggers the Object
toggle, bangbang, trigger, arithmetic operators, onscreen controller, graphic display of numerical values, number box, using arithmetic operators

Week 2: Branching

MAX Tutorials: 12-16

Logical Operators: “Or” or “And”,
Relational Operators: <, <=, ==, !=, >=, >
notein, noteout, makenote, poly, stripnote, flush,sustain
bendin and bendout, pgmin and pgmout, ctlin and ctlout, speedlim
kslider, dial, hslider, and uslider, select, change, 

Max to Kontact and Reason

Week 3:

MAX Tutorials: 17-23

Variables: int or float
gate, Ggate, Gswitch, switch, route
accum, pipe,delay, random

Week 4:

MAX Tutorials: 24-29

send, receive, pv, value, message box, $, set, append, prepend, backslash, arguments/punctuation, subpatches

Week 5:

MAX Tutorials: 30-33

iter, unpack, pack, swap, thresh, clocker, counter, line,
table, Uzi, histo, Quantile

Week 6:

MAX Tutorials: 35-39

seq, coll, menu, preset, expr, if, mousefileter, mousebasics

Week 7:


Week 8: MSP Fundamentals


MAX/MSP Tutorials: How MSP Works: Max Patches and the MSP Signal Network, Audio I/O and Tutorials 1-3

dac~, adc~, ezdac~, ezadc~, cycle~, adstatus, *~

Week 9: MSP Fundamentals

MAX/MSP Tutorials: 4-6

phasor~, line~, gate~, receive~, send~, sig~, begin~, mute~, pass~, pcontrol, selector~

Week 10: Sampling

MAX/MSP Tutorials: 13-17

record~, play~ buffer~, index~, groove~, wave~, sfplay, sfrecord,

Week 11: Synthesis

MAX/MSP Tutorials: 7-12

function, lookup

Week 12: MIDI Control

MAX/MSP Tutorials: 18-21

dBtoA, pow~, poly~, thispoly~, in~, out~, mtof, info~, dspstate~

Week 13: Delays/Processing

MAX/MSP Tutorials: 27-31
tapin~, tapout~, normalize~, noise~, rand~, comb~, gain~

Week 14

Students will meet individually with Professor Leonard to propose and define their final project.
Students will have several weeks to be involved in creating a final project. This project can either be a piece of music or a special application conceived for the Max/MSP environment. In the final project, the student will be free (subject to the approval the instructor) to pursue their particular interests in computer music.
MS-341 end of semester concert: Class presentation of final projects. Final concert will take place in F12.